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National Farmers Information Service.


NAFIS is a comprehensive information service, intended to serve farmers’ needs throughout the country including the rural areas where internet access is limited. It enables farmers get critical extension information by either browsing through the internet or calling NAFIS 020-5100102 numbers. The service comprises of a detailed website ( that is easily updated by Extension Officers and a Voice-Based Service which contains summarized information which farmers’ access using mobile phones. The Voice-Service is available both in English (Kenyan Local dialect) and Kiswahili.

The themes covered by Nafis relate to both general and more specific agricultural topics, from natural resource management, to processing, post-harvest preservation and marketing.  Information is presented with text, graphics, audio and video in an effort to be as accessible as possible. The idea is that farmers would be able to research any agricultural theme in the format most suitable for them, and even download multimedia content for later viewing or listening.


Voice Service Now Available on 020-5100102!

nafis-home-page-pictureYou will be able to access all Nafis  information using your mobile phone by calling the Nafis access number 020-5100102, and then following the direction you will hear. NAFIS will wellcome you to the service which is available in both English and Kiswahili. When you call, follow the easy step by step voice prompt menu to choose the languages and access the information. Soon Each enterprise group will  be reached directly by dialing the specific numbers.

Outreach Services and Participation

NAFIS participates in various Agricultural shows, field days, stakeholders meeting, international for a, and general Extension staffs trainings. During such meetings and for a, participants are sensitized on NAFIS services and roles in dissemination of Agricultural information. Demonstration on NAFIS services are also undertaken to give farmers a real field exposure and any general queries are answered at the farming level. This improves on the importance of internet and multimedia as potentially very efficient alternative to traditional extension practices. It reduces distances, working times and costs and still offers farmers the benefits of effective information.

Access Market Information from Nafis

You can  access daily Agricultural commodities market information via this link  Wholesale commodity prices and also download the monthly livestock information via this link Livestock Market information reports or directly access the National Livestock Market information through

NAFIS Audiovisual gallery and Extension Service providers Contacts

You can now download multimedia content from NAFIS audiovisual gallery via this link Audiovisual gallery and also get in touch with your Extension Service Providers via this link NAFIS Helpline through their email addresses and telephone numbers.

Agro-Weather Tool for Climate-Smart Agriculture; Kenya

World Bank group through RSMI is developing Agro-weather decision Support System for Agriculture in Kenya. The project main objective is to increase the adaptive capacity of farming communities by improving access to information on weather and climate patterns. It will basically improve farm management capabilities under conditions of climate risk.

The pilot project which is scheduled to commence in Embu, will develop web and mobile-phone based agro-weather tools that incorporate climate-information and best-bet agronomic management recommendations for the farmers. The system will help farmers to plan and manage weather risks, maximize productivity, and minimize the environmental impacts of farming practices. It will entail the delivery of climate-smart agro-advisory information using ICTs such as SMS and smart phone applications, and more conventional media such as radio messages. It will be hosted on NAFIS as a dissemination platform.