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Daily wholesale commodity prices for 26th August 2011

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NAFIS outreaching farming Community in Nyeri:

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Grain Amaranths- the drought beater:

The Grain Amaranth farmers in Western Kenya appeals for markets;

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Average Commodity prices for week ending 19th August 2011

Rabbit Keeping – Emerging lucrative Enterprise;

Through National Agriculture and Extension programme (NALEP), the livestock extension officers has over the years since the inception of the project in the year 2000(phase 1) promoted rabbit rearing as a market oriented enterprise that can earn farmers a high return.

Though initially the opportunities were reluctantly picked, today majority of the farmers have picked the enterprise and can share their cheers as it has given them a high profit and improved their food security and livelihoods significantly within a short period.

The problem has been with the source of breeding materials and hence this led to the need of formation of the breeders Association of Kenya to address the breeding problem in the country.

NALEP pilot programme started in Thika district in the year 2000/2001 with workplan target of 23 focal areas. In that year 20 focal areas were successfully implemented in which a total of 5 rabbit CIGs were formed with 25 members (10 youths and 15 women). This has increase over years to 25 rabbit CIGs with 200 memberships.

Rabbit production value chains gives a greater chance of increasing house-hold income and generating rural growth through increased agro-factories and offers an alternative livelihood to urban and rural farmers in addressing poverty level and increasing food security in line with the vision 2030.

The more lucrative the enterprise is becoming has shown great paradigm shift as far as gender is concerned and has overshadowed the stigma ever associated with rabbit keeping as a hobby for boys or 4-K clubs activities. Rabbit production in Thika district is emerging as a productive enterprise since it is being reared in small units and is very prolific. Rabbit meat is high in proteins and can be a good source of food security.

In terms of value addition, rabbit meat used in many forms, sold in butcheries as “Sungura Fry” and can be used to prepare different delicacies such as pies, kebabs, “samosas” and sausages. Its skin is in high demand in garment industry due to its fur and can also be processed to make leathers and leather goods.

Rabbit farming started in Thika as a business enterprise in the year 2004, where a group of 50 CIGs members of THIGAR keeping 5 rabbits each sold 500 rabbits at Ksh. 500 per live animal and made Ksh. 250,000.00 in a month. This motivated the group members who then realized increased registration of members especially men. It grew from 50 members to 200 members with each rearing an average of 50 rabbits.  The members were selling rabbits for meat at Ksh.350.00 per kilo live weight. An average weight of a rabbit is 2.5 kgs while the group is selling 1000 rabbits per month totaling to Ksh.875,000 per month.

Despite the realization of huge profits, the group faced critical crisis in terms of breeding stock prices and sources which were only from Ngong Farmers training centre, the International Research Institute (ILRI), Egerton University and from Individual farmers.  The rabbits were also getting smaller in body sizes and slow in growth.

This necessitated sourcing of technical advice which members received from DLPO Thika West office and assured them of the need to streamline increase in productivity, market access and linkages to micro-finance.

The group then proposed the formation of Rabbit Breeders Association of Kenya as an umbrella federation of rabbit breeders to supplement and provide would be farmers with best breeds for production.



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Daily wholesale commodity prices for 19th August 2011