Guide for Mainstreaming Gender in the Agricultural Sector in Kenya:

guide-for-gender-mainstreamingNational Agriculture and Livestock Extension Programme (NALEP), developed a guide for mainstreaming gender in the Agricultural sector in Kenya as a tool kit with aim of assisting policy makers, technical team and local organizations to recognize and address gender concerns in all their operations.

The guide helps to standardize gender main-streaming approaches within the sector, thus making it possible to compare results between and within organizations. This guide is informed by the past and current gender main-streaming efforts in NALEP, the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Livestock Developement, Research organizations, and other local and international Organizations. It highlights the following; Gender inequalities which undermines agricultural productivity and gender main-streaming frameworks among other important aspects.

Download the book in English via the link below:

Nalep gender mainstreaming guide in pdf (2003KB)