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Wholesale Commodity prices for 31st May 2012

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Wholesale Commodity prices for 30th May 2012

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Kenya: NCPB imports more fertiliser

30 May 2012
Additional subsidised fertiliser has been imported to ease the acute shortage of the input among small-scale farmers.
The National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) has brought in 400,000 bags of Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) for top dressing and 600,000 bags of Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) for late planting.
“The imported fertiliser is in addition to [...]

Wholesale Commodity prices for 29th May 2012

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Passion Fruit Farming in Kenya:

Passion Fruits is changing the lives of a small village in Nandi Kenya. Thanks to SNV - Netherlands Development Organization and partners, local farmers have teamed up to form an association where they grow and export the produce to Uganda.

Mbeere North Farmers Earn from Peas and Mangoes:

Small scale mango farming in Mbeere north remains the largest employment opportunity in the region and is central to the empowerment of youth and women who form the bulk of the workforce.
Farmers from highland regions who own fertile and productive lands will now have to borrow a leaf from farmers in semi-arid regions who [...]

Mango Farming as a Business:

This a farmer who started mango farming from picking of seeds from the market, he was later trained by IFAD, a wing of the Kenya Ministry of Agriculture on how he could improve on the quality and the quantity of his production.

Sustainable Agricultural Project for MKFG, Kenya:

Here is some footage from Aug 2011 at Kithito farm in Syengoni (outside Makindu) here is where VoDA got it’s inspiration for developing a sustainable agriculture project for the Makindu Friends Women’s group. There is some captions since it’s hard to hear sometimes with the wind.

Average commodity prices for Week ending 25th May 2012

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Average Commodity prices for Week ending 18th May 2012

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