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Moro women reap big from Honey:

Bee keeping has for many years been considered a male affair, however somewhere in Nyakach in the county of Kisumu a group of women have quashed that perception by engaging in large scale apiculture they are popularly known as the bee keeping women of Moro and as NTV’s Ouko Okusah found out beekeeping for these women is not just any farming project but a business venture that provides livelihood for their families..

Cereals Board sets Maize prices:

Maize prices are expected to go up this season after the cereals board announced that it will buy a 90-kilogramme bag at Sh3,000.

This will cause price movements across the country as millers are currently buying a bag at Sh2,250.

But millers cautioned the government against fixing minimum maize prices. Instead, they want the amount to be determined by forces of demand and supply.

National Cereals and Produce Board managing director Gideon Misoi on Thursday confirmed the prices and said they would start buying as soon as they get the

“I have received communication from the Ministry of Special Programmes that we will buy maize at Sh3,000 per bag,” he said.

The maize is to be bought under the Strategic Grain Reserve, which is supposed to cushion the country from a cereals shortage. The funds, he said, will be released “soon” as harvesting has already started in some parts of the country.

Prof Misoi also revealed that the board will start training farmers on post-harvest management of maize to curb losses during harvesting.

“More than 30 per cent of the maize harvested goes to waste because of poor handling, posing a threat to food security in the country,” he said.

Prof Misoi added that the board would train farmers on proper handling of their produce as well as fumigating maize. They will be charged five shillings per bag for the lesson.

It is not clear whether the government will increase funds this year to buy more maize. Last year, the board was allocated Sh2 billion for the exercise but during this year’s budget, Sh1.6 billion was given to the Ministry of Special Programmes.

Farmers, however, said the amount is too little to buy even a quarter of the region’s total production.

“The board should get more money to save farmers from middlemen given that Corn Products, which was one of the major buyers, has closed shop,” Kenya Farmers Association director Kipkorir Menjo said.

Meanwhile, millers association chairman Diamond Lalji has asked the government to let the market determine maize prices.

Regulating prices, he said, would encourage farmers to withhold their produce, thus creating artificial shortages.

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Source: Daily Nation Newspapers,