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KARI Kuku Kienyeji (2013):

Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) develops a new breed of local ‘kienyeji’ chicken suited to the country’s unique bird rearing conditions.The new variety is a cross breed of chicken from across the region developed after in depth scientific research.Learn the unique advantages and business opportunities of adopting this Kuku Kienyeji.

Agriculture Extension Officers embrace Technology:

Farmers may soon be able to access information relevant to their practices by way of technology platforms such as email and SMS. Agriculture extension officers will be equipped with laptops and cell phones to enable them to provide farmers with information easily.These are some of the ways the government is using to keep the [...]

Digital system to improve service delivery to farmers


Farmers will no longer be required to physically seek advice from an extension officer on how to yield more crops.
They will get information either through voice calls, text messaging, the internet and digital libraries and has instructed agricultural officers to set up desks at the local market on the respective sale days.
It is [...]