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Josphat Sirma: how I make Sh. 800,000 to Sh. 1 million per month from dairy farming

A sweet smell of pineapple hits my nostrils as I approach Josphat Sirma’s farm in Nkoroi, Rongai on the outskirts of Nairobi. One may think that the farmer grows the fruits, but Sirma keeps dairy cows — over 50 of them — on his three-quarter acres. He mainly feeds them the pineapple peels which [...]

Meet and Learn from one of World’s top Dairy Farmers:

Meet Daniel Hojman of Afimilk, a company specialising in dairy management in the Jordan Valley, Israel, popularly known as Kibbutz Afikim and famed as one of the best-run dairy farms in the world.
It is farms such as that of Hojman’s that make you understand why Israel is considered one of the world’s dairy powerhouses.Ere [...]

Earn Ksh. 800,000 from one acre of Onions in 3 months

When you want to cook Managu what do you use? Onions. When you want to cook meat, what do you use? Onions! Nearly every meal of the average Kenyan has to have onions as part of the ingredients.
This tells you something about the market out there. There is a high demand for onions! Here [...]