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Agricultural Commodities prices for 31.03.2016

Agricultural Commodities prices for 30.03.2016

Ngombe ni Mali- Kajiado County

The major livelihood for the rural communities in Kajiado County is Pastoralism. However it is not done as commercially viable Value Chain resulting in overgrazing, land degradation, soil erosion and therefore inadequate pasture for the livestock. It is against this background that ASDSP Kajiado team with stakeholders developed an innovative poster with the slogan [...]

Agricultural Commodities prices for 29.03.2016

Innovative Technology has caused a leap from Subsistence to Commercial Local Vegetables production in Nyamira County.

The African Vegetable also Known as local vegetables are widely grown in Nyamira. Over the last three years, the African leafy vegetables production and efficacy in Nyamira have built its reputation and commercial success as one of the flagship projects. The sector has experienced tough times in previous years due to low production and [...]

Agricultural Commodities prices for 24.03.2016

Agricultural Commodities prices for 23.03.2016

Agricultural Commodities prices for 22.03.2016

Hazard Advisory- Weekly Bulletin

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Banana Value Chain platforms- Connecting Agribusiness

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