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Agricultural Development for Africa Countries

One major challenge Uganda faces is providing its citizens with clean water.
For a look at ways Korea has been trying to help, from government organizations to private companies and individuals,… Kwon Jang-ho reports. Uganda’s capital Kampala is a hustle and bustle of cars, high-rise buildings and modern technology.
But step out of the city and it’s a very different picture.Lacking basic infrastructure, even the simplest necessities can be hard to come by.
Eight million people, or roughly 20-percent of Uganda’s population, do not have access to safe water.

In Korea, NGOs such as Habitat for Humanity Korea have been working to raise awareness and find ways to help alleviate the problem.
A water-carrying campaign was launched to highlight the long journeys that many Ugandans, mostly women and children, have to make every day to collect water.

“We wanted to highlight that not only do they have little access to clean water, the long times children spend collecting water means it takes away from their time for education and school as well.”

One private Korean citizen who saw this issue and took it upon himself to help was Jy Park.
As a student he spent time in Uganda and experienced firsthand some of the difficulties Ugandans go through.

“When I was living there for two months, my health deteriorated. When I went to the hospital to find out what was wrong, they said it was from using and drinking unclean water for a long time and catching waterborne diseases. That’s when it really hit me, how important water is, and that so many suffer because they don’t have it.”

Literally inspired by the jerry cans that were used by locals to carry water, he set up a company selling eco-backpacks, made from recycled local materials.
Profits go towards providing local children with bags specially designed to carry ten liter jerry cans.
Some are even locally produced, to provide employment for local women.

“I’m not suggesting we can change the world with a backpack, but if we can make a little difference and make it easier for them, it’ll be worthwhile.”

Water issues mean agriculture also faces difficulties in Uganda, and Korea is trying to help on that front as well.
The Asan City Agricultural Technology Center, along with KOICA, Korea’s official aid agency, has established a program aimed at helping African partners develop their agricultural knowhow.

“I have seen the irrigation system in Korea here is very effective. The pipeline moves from garden to garden and it allows them to produce at any time that they are ready to. But back in Uganda, we depend on the rain. We only have to wait for God to send us rain.”

This particular course runs for two months, teaching those taking part in agricultural science, practical skills and the latest technologies.

“These programs offer the participants a chance to learn effective and efficient farming techniques. It’s about sharing knowledge, and it’s one of the most valuable things Korea can offer.”

“The program is so good. We have liked the program. It is both theoretical and practical. We have learnt things on the farm, we have learnt things in class. What we have learnt from here, we can incorporate and take back the same technologies, so that it can help our poor farmers and produce from production level to commercial level so that we can fight poverty at household level.”

South Korea, as a nation that rose out of poverty after colonial rule and war, is looking to give back.
From government organizations to private citizens, it’s offering a helping hand, big or small, to Uganda and other countries around the world.
Kwon Jang-Ho, Arirang News.

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