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Agricultural Commodities prices for 29.08.2016

Japan and Africa team up to boost Agriculture

Efforts to improve food security and malnutrition need to be stepped up.
Friday August 26 2016
In Summary
· Japan and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations believe that Africa’s agriculture sector should be a catalyst for inclusive growth and improved livelihoods.
· Therefore, major effort should focus on making agriculture attractive and profitable [...]

Agricultural commodities prices for 26.08.2016

Post-harvest banana packaging saves 30 per cent losses

By Laban Robert
Proper banana post-harvest packaging with its leaves can save farmers three out of 10 fruits destroyed before reaching the consumer.
Vincent Oyaro, the chairman of Rigesa Youth Group, said that during transportation, farmers may lose more than 30 per cent weight to environmental agents and breakages, more so when ferrying to far markets. [...]

Agricultural commodities prices for 25.08.2016

Agricultural commodities prices for 24.08.2016

Agricultural commodities prices for 22.08.2016