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Agricultural Commodities prices for 28.10.2016

Release of ASDSP Baseline Survey Report

The Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP) is a National sector wide programme aimed at supporting the implementation of Agricultural Sector Development Strategy 2010-2020 (ASDS). The purpose of the programme is to increase equitable income, employment and improved food security.
In 2013, ASDSP commissioned 3 baselines surveys; Household, Agribusiness and policy in the 47 counties. [...]

Agricultural commodities prices for 27.10.2016

Agricultural commodities prices for 24.10.2016

Agricultural Commodities for 21.10.2016

Agricultural commodities prices for 18.10.2016

Agricultural Commodities prices for 14.10.2016

From Banking to Juicing; Dr. Jane Ambuko

From banking to juicing, Dr Jane Ambuko of @uonbi tells @farmingfirst why #agriculture is such a versatile career path #IamAg
— Farming First (@farmingfirst) October 12, 2016


Agricultural commodities prices for 13.10.2016

Agricultural Commodities prices for 12.11.2016