What is Nafis?

NAFIS is an information Service developed by the National Agriculture and Livestock Extension Programme (NALEP) to enable farmers get extension information simply by calling the service or browsing the NAFIS website.

It is a voice/web information service for providing agricultural extension information. It is a highly innovative system that is updated through the Web by field extension officers. The information so updated can be accessed through this website or by calling the number 020-5008890 or 020-5008890

Why Nafis?

Due to the importance of Agriculture in national economy and which is mostly done by small scale farmers, output can be improved by improved the technical support offered by extension officers. Since, extension officers are currently over-stretched, technology can be used to expand the reach of extension services to the 4.5 million farmers.

NAFIS is a dynamic system that has been developed to exploit mobile telephone and internet technologies. It provides information through a detailed website and also through mobile phones.  Information is entered locally through the internet by extension officers and accessed via this website or through mobile phones, thereby reaching as many farmers as possible.

Which Enterprises are available?

Currently NAFIS has information on the following enterprises

  1. Dairy Cattle
  2. French Beans
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Broilers Chicken
  5. Layers Chicken
  6. Indigenous Chicken
  7. Dairy Goats
  8. Grain Amaranth
  9. Maize
  10. Mangoes
  11. Napier Grass
  12. Bee keeping
  13. Ostrich
  14. Sweet potatoes

Information covered for each enterprises, include

  • Types and uses
  • Sources
  • Caring
  • Handling
  • Pests
  • Diseases
  • Value addition

How do I get information on Phone?

The National Farmers Information Service (NAFIS) was designed primarily as a voice-based service, intended to serve farmers’ needs in rural areas where internet access is limited.

Farmers receive summarised information using mobile phones by calling the access number “ 020-5008890” then moving around the service by pressing the appropriate keys on phone’s keypad.

The voice service has now been re-designed and expanded to accommodate a large number of enterprises. Each enterprise group can  be reached directly by dialing the  the numbers provided in the home page. One can get to an enterprise of interest directly by dialing the enterprise number as follows:


  • 020-5008890 – Dairy Cattle
  • 020-5008890 – Dairy Goats
  • 020-5008890 – Bee Keeping


  • 020-5008890 – Maize Production


  • 020-5008890 – French Beans
  • 020-5008890 – Tomatoes
  • 020-5008890 – Grain Amaranth


  • 020-5008890 – Indigenous Chicken
  • 020-5008890 – Layers
  • 020-5008890 – Broilers
  • 020-5008890 – Ostrich farming


  • 020-5008890 – Mangoes

Fodders and Pastures

  • 020-5008890 – Napier Grass

Roots and Tubers

  • 020-5008890 – Sweet Potatoes

How much do I pay for Nafis?

Except for the normal charge by your telephone company, NAFIS does not charge any extra costs. Furthermore NAFIS will soon be available on all the networks and the call charges will become minimal.

How do I get assistance on NAFIS?

By sending feedback you will be able to get to Nalep officials through e-mail. Alternatively further information on NAFIS can be obtained from NALEP headquarters through telephone or faxing: 020-2714867.

Who are the stakeholders in Nafis development?


  • The National Agriculture and Livestock Extension Programme – NALEP, of the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Livestock development


  1. Teknobyte (KENYA), Lead consultant, www.teknobyte.co.ke
  2. Speechnet Ltd, www.speechnet.net


  1. Agriculture Information Resource Centre, AIRC.
  2. Kenya National Library Services

Facts about NAFIS:

  • It is a Kenya Government Service.
  • It is a voice/web service
  • The voice services uses Kiswahili and Kenyan English® Voices.
  • It is easy to use and requires minimal training.
  • There are no extra charges beyond the normal telephone charges.

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