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Improved Brachiaria grasses broaden horizon for Kenya’s livestock sector

Posted on September 24, 2015
The meat and milk production of a cow is only as good as the feed it gets. Through a project led by the Biosciences eastern and central Africa-International Livestock Research Institute (BecA-ILRI) Hub, dairy farmers in the semi-arid regions of Kenya are discovering that Brachiaria, the grass which transformed the livestock [...]

Telephone farmers’ reaping the benefits of agri-tech:

A new breed of tech-savvy farmers is emerging throughout Kenya. Sometimes called “telephone farmers”, they are making use of a growing number of technologies and platforms to help them choose and manage their crops more efficiently.
And mobile devices are giving a growing number of them the ability to do this while continuing to live [...]

Youth, Technology And Startups Are Transforming Agriculture In Africa

A recent report published by the Africa Progress Panel affirms that the agricultural sector has the greatest potential to uplift the African economy and to address global food shortages, and other research has made similar claims. Mobile technology can help turn that potential into a reality.
Click to access the link through  #Youth, Technology and [...]

Climate-Smart Technologies

#ThingsKwaleMenShouldCane he who destroys this farmer's work #agriculture #Innovation #KOT
— Farmbizafrica (@farmbizafrica) September 30, 2014

KARI Kuku Kienyeji (2013):

Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) develops a new breed of local ‘kienyeji’ chicken suited to the country’s unique bird rearing conditions.The new variety is a cross breed of chicken from across the region developed after in depth scientific research.Learn the unique advantages and business opportunities of adopting this Kuku Kienyeji.