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Release of ASDSP Baseline Survey Report

The Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP) is a National sector wide programme aimed at supporting the implementation of Agricultural Sector Development Strategy 2010-2020 (ASDS). The purpose of the programme is to increase equitable income, employment and improved food security.
In 2013, ASDSP commissioned 3 baselines surveys; Household, Agribusiness and policy in the 47 counties. [...]

Smallholder farmers bear the brunt of weather change

Written by Harrison Agundo for Farmbizafrica
Timothy Kiongo has grown maize, beans and soya in his one hectare piece of land for the last 50 years. Every harvest he gets 25 bags of maize, but since 2010 he is lucky to even get five bags per hectare. Timothy is among thousands of smallholder farmers [...]

KEPHIS okays hardy new maize varieties:

In Summary
· Three other varieties also said to be highly tolerant are undergoing field tests. They include Wei 108, and WM1259, both from Kari, while the Kenya Seed Company (KSC) is working on MZ 1202 type.
· While parts of the maize-growing areas are still under attack, scientists estimate a drop in the current season’s [...]

Agro-Weather Advisory Bulletins:

The bulletin is based on the weather outlook for the long rains season i.e. March-April-May 2014 season. The version is in Kiswahili Language.
Click the following link for download kenyabulletinkiswahili-1-1