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Ufugaji wa Mbuzi katika kaunti ya Baringo; Mbuzi yachukuliwa kuwa dawa:

French Beans Value Chain Development; Muranga County

Vision: Making Murang’a County the preferred county for high quality and commercially competitive French beans products in the world.
Objective of Value Chain improvement
The main objective of the French Beans Action Plan is to ensure that the county becomes the preferred source for high quality and commercially competitive French beans products through sustainable quality improvement [...]

Jukwaa la KTN: Water melon prodcution in Wajir county

Introduction to watermelons (Citrullus lanatus)
Family: Cucurbitaceae
Local names: Qara (Somali), Tikiti maji (Swahili)
It is indigenous to the dry plains of tropical and subtropical Africa
Nutritional value:
• 6% sugar, 92% water
• Source of vitamin C
• Contain a significant amount of citrulline & can be used to treat erectile dysfunction and maybe even prevent [...]

Kilimo cha Ndizi-Ndizi inafakuwekwa kwa Udongo aina gani?, 29/11/16

Banana value chain project management team (PMT) wishes to take this opportunity to acknowledge National programme secretariat (NPS) for financially supporting Kiambu County banana value chain project. We do highly acknowledge His Excellency William Kabogo-the Governor Kiambu County and the County department of agriculture, livestock and fisheries through the Executive Committee Member Hon. Dr, [...]

Faida za Tunda la Karakara (Passion Fruit)

Passion fruit is a fast growing climbing vine that does well in a wide range of altitudes. There are two varieties: purple passion which is grown in highlands of altitudes 1200m to 1800m above sea level and the yellow variety which does well in the lowlands. Because of its potential, purple passion is one [...]

From Banking to Juicing; Dr. Jane Ambuko

From banking to juicing, Dr Jane Ambuko of @uonbi tells @farmingfirst why #agriculture is such a versatile career path #IamAg
— Farming First (@farmingfirst) October 12, 2016


Status of Agriculture in Africa

Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF 2016) held in Kenya

Ufugaji wa Kuku Kienyeji

ASDSP Value Chain Development Officer, Kericho county and Chairlady KECOPO discussing Local poultry production in Kenya

Jinsi ya kuandaa malisho ya mifugo

The ASDSP Co-ordinator, Kajiado County on live discussion on animal feed conservation and preservation.

Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme Exchange Visit