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OLX starts mobile soil testing for right fertiliser use

Posted Sunday, January 8 2017 at 15:51
Online advertising site OLX has started mobile soil testing in agricultural rich zones ahead of the planting season to provide the right mix of fertilizers bought through its platform. The tests establish the suitability of different types of fertiliser for given locations, said OLX country manager [...]

Governors converge for Intergovernmental Forum; Agriculture Sector

Governors and stakeholders in the agriculture sector converged at the Sarova Whitesands in Mombasa, for the 2nd Intergovernmental Forum on Agriculture Sector, Monday.
Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mr. Willy Bett said the Intergovernmental Forum brought together a diverse range of value chain players across the agriculture landscape.
“This Forum also recognizes the progress made by the agriculture [...]

State bets on new pest-proof storage bags to reduce maize wastage

In Summary
· Hermetic bags can store maize, beans and wheat for two years, making them disease and pest free for a longer time.
· The new bags were launched Wednesday after years of trials to test their efficiency before being rolling out to farmers countrywide.
Grain farmers will benefit from new storage bags, which do not [...]

Status of Agriculture in Africa

Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF 2016) held in Kenya

Ufugaji wa Kuku Kienyeji

ASDSP Value Chain Development Officer, Kericho county and Chairlady KECOPO discussing Local poultry production in Kenya

Japan and Africa team up to boost Agriculture

Efforts to improve food security and malnutrition need to be stepped up.
Friday August 26 2016
In Summary
· Japan and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations believe that Africa’s agriculture sector should be a catalyst for inclusive growth and improved livelihoods.
· Therefore, major effort should focus on making agriculture attractive and profitable [...]

Post-harvest banana packaging saves 30 per cent losses

By Laban Robert
Proper banana post-harvest packaging with its leaves can save farmers three out of 10 fruits destroyed before reaching the consumer.
Vincent Oyaro, the chairman of Rigesa Youth Group, said that during transportation, farmers may lose more than 30 per cent weight to environmental agents and breakages, more so when ferrying to far markets. [...]

Kilimo Mjini; ASDSP and Dairy Value Chain Producer

Jukwaa la KTN: Swala la Kilimo mjini, Julai 5, 2016 Sehemu ya kwanza

Agricultural Development for Africa Countries

One major challenge Uganda faces is providing its citizens with clean water.
For a look at ways Korea has been trying to help, from government organizations to private companies and individuals,… Kwon Jang-ho reports. Uganda’s capital Kampala is a hustle and bustle of cars, high-rise buildings and modern technology.
But step out of the city and it’s [...]

Ngombe ni Mali- Kajiado County

The major livelihood for the rural communities in Kajiado County is Pastoralism. However it is not done as commercially viable Value Chain resulting in overgrazing, land degradation, soil erosion and therefore inadequate pasture for the livestock. It is against this background that ASDSP Kajiado team with stakeholders developed an innovative poster with the slogan [...]