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Banana Value Chain platforms- Connecting Agribusiness

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Innovative packages under ASDSP

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ASDSP County Co-ordinating Units Contacts

Download Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme County Co-ordinating Units (CCU) contact and addresses

Inventory of policies in Agricultural Sector

Downloadable through this link; policies in Agricultural Sector

Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme Brochure


Nairobi Elnino Advisory

The Elnino Advisory report from the Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP) in collaboration with other partners and Stakeholder developed Advisory for the coming El nino rains.

You can access the full advisory from the following link nairobi-county-el-nino-advisory

ASDSP Annual Workplan and Budget June 2014-July 2015

asdsp-annual-workplan-2014-2015-draftThis workplan presents the national and county level planned activities and budget of the Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP) for the period July 2014 to June 2015. It is the 3rd workplan of the programme since inception in in 2012.
The FY 2014/15 workplan has been designed to support the ASDSP theme for the year “Strong Stakeholder Organizations and Partnerships for Inclusive Value Chain (VC) Development and Sector Coordination.

Click the following link for download 2014_15-awb-draft-for-submission_final-2


A Guide to Effective Extension Methods for different Situations:

extnsion-methods-cover-pageThis document seeks to identify relevant extension methods in different situations for maximum impact, taking into consideration the diversity of needs by the whole spectrum of extension beneficiaries/ clients. It also enhances the work of extension service providers in imparting information and skills to the farming community.

From the findings of the study, individual farm visits are the most preferred Extension methods by farmers, reasons given by farmers for this is because of the opportunity offered by the methods, to ask questions and learn skills interactively on the farm. ICT as an extension methodology has a huge potential and should be emphasized by enhancing capacity of the extension officers and improving the requisite infrastructure.

Title: A guide to Effective Extension Methods for different Situations:
Author: NALEP- Extension Co-ordinator
Date: June 2011
Publisher: National Agriculture and Livestock Extension Programme, Hill Plaza, 6th Floor P.O Box 30028-0100 Nairobi, Kenya

Tel + 254 20 2714867,

Email:, Website:

Type: Study Findings Document
Region Focus: Kenya

Click the following link for document download A guide to Effective Extension Methods for different Situations(pdf)

ASDSP; Programme Document:

asdsp-pageThis programme document highlights the overall goal of the ASDSP which is to transform Kenyan’s Agricultural sector into an innovative,commercially-oriented, competitive and modern industry that contributes to poverty eradication, improved food security and equity in rural and urban Kenya. The ASDSP goal is aligned with the Government commitments to the Agricultural sector through the ASDSP and the Kenya CAADP compact. The programme will through its activities contributes to the realization of Kenya’s wider development goals as expressed in the Millenium Development goals, vision 2030, and the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

The document also highlights the ASDSP objectives which includes; Increased and Equitable Incomes, Employment and improved Food security of the target groups as a result of improved production and productivity in the rural smallholder farms and off-farm sector.

Click the following link for download Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP) Programme Document 2011

Title: Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP)
Date: September 2011
Publisher: Ministry of Agriculture, Kilimo House, Cathedral Road, P.O Box 30028-100 Nairobi, Kenya

Tel + 254 20 2718870/90, Fax: + 254 20 2714867,

Email:,, Website:

Type: Programme Document
Region Focus: Kenya

A Guide for Identification and Mobilization of Community under-utilized Resources:

guide-for-community-resourcesThis is a guideline developed by National Agriculture and Livestock Extension programme (NALEP) to enhance the work of service providers in community development. Resources do not refer to money as understood by many,however, it also refers to physical and social assets at the community disposal. Other virtual entities like the beauty of a forest or a park can be an important resource to a given community. It is worth pointing out the most important resource in a given community is the people.

There is need to identify and mobilize the resources to achieve the community development agenda as level of development will be entirely determined by the magnitude of the resources identified and mobilized.

This guideline attempts to list various categories of resources and further highlights tools that can be used to identify these under-utilized resources.

Download the publication via this link;

Community resources mobilization guidelines in pdf (2776KB)