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Unlocking the Markets:

The use of mobile apps by smallholder farmers in Kenya has helped them to gain access to markets.
A 2013 study entitled Market in their Palms conclusively shows that the use of mobile apps by smallholder farmers in Kenya has helped them to gain access to markets and market information and improved their businesses.
Agriculture plays [...]

Firm helps Flower farms cultivate ‘best-fit’ varieties:

In Summary:
· Through research, farmers get the plant breeds which are suitable for the climatic conditions in their farms as well as what would fetch more in their target markets
Bob Goedemans is a breath of fresh air in the Kenyan horticultural business. He is giving flower farmers the chance to dictate the varieties [...]

Karandile/Passion Fruit Farming:

Filamu hii yaonyesha ukuzaji wa Karandile hapa nchini .Yaweza kutumiwa kwa kufundisha wakulima jinsi wanaweza kutengeneza miche mizuri ya Karandile.Imedhaminiwa na mradi wa PSDA. Mradi wa serikali ya Kenya kwa ushirikiano na serikali ya Ujerumani.
Fliamu pia yaonyesha ukuzaji wa Karandile. kuanzia kutumia mbegu bora iliyokuanzwa katika green house, kuzuia wadudu na magongwa kama blights.
Pia [...]

French Bean Varieties - Feedback received on Nafis

This is a great site but I think you need to open up a bit more on the varieties on offer especially on Maize and French beans some of the ones indicated especially on French Beans are long outdated like Monel which is no longer on sale at least not from any registered seed [...]

Lamu District Farmers to make Money from ABE Chillies Production.

Lamu district has a high potential for chili production. Owing to the expected high returns, the chilies will be among the leading cash crops in the district.
The market is guaranteed since buyers, such as Equator products Limited, are already entering into contract farming with willing farmers.
Currently, Equator products are offering a guaranteed price of [...]

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