Field practices

Land should be well prepared before the planting season. The soils clods should be pulverized and free from weeds at the time of planting. Preferably farm yard manure should be worked into the soils. This results into fertile soils

Planting styles

  • Napier grass should be planted in rows. 
  • Spacing to adopt depends on moisture availability/rainfall. 
  • Recommendation for high rainfall areas is 90 by 60 cm or 100 by 50 cm.
  • Recommendations for the low rainfall areas are 100 by 100 cm or 100 by 120 cm.
  • Planting holes of 15 – 20 cm deep are recommended for farmers using cuttings and splits.
  • Farmers using whole cane are advised to dig furrows of 10 – 15  cm deep. 

 Planting Style – Cuttings

  • Cane cuttings are placed at an angle of 450 inside the planting holes.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that at least 2 nodes are within the soil.
  • The buds of the cuttings should face up and should not be damaged.
  • 11236 cuttings are required for planting per acre


Planting Style – Splits

  • Splits are placed within the planting holes and firmly put in the soil.
  • 14045 splits are required for planting per acre.

Planting Style – Cane 

  • Cane are laid end to end in the furrow and covered with soil.

Fertilizer and Manure use

Planting time

  • 1 bag of 50kgs of NPK (20:20:0) is applied at planting per acre.
  • One spade full of farm yard manure can be applied in the planting holes at planting time. 

Top dressing

  • Apply two 50 kgs bags of NPK 20:20:0 per acre in the middle of the long rains. 
  • Another two 50 kgs bags of NPK 20:20:0 at the onset of short rains.
  • Alternatively apply 30 kg of CAN at the beginning and another 30 kgs in the middle of the long rains. 40 kgs of CAN should be applied in the course of the short rains. 
  • Slurry (mixture of dung & urine) can be applied immediately after harvesting in a furrow along the rows of Napier and covered with soil as weeding is also done.

Weed Control

  • After planting a new crop of Napier is kept clean of weeds by;
  • Carrying out a minimum of two weeding (3 weeks after planting then 3 or 4 after the first weeding) before first harvest.