Table 2: Passion Fruit Diseases and their Control:

Diseases Pictorial Signs / Symptoms Trade Name Dosage Pre-Harvest Interval(Days)
Fusarium wilt Fusarium oxysporium Causes wilting and death of plant. The vascular tissues show brown discoloration. fusarium-wilt1 Use of yellow rootstock,
Grafting height greater than 45 cm,
Sterile potting media
Blight Phytophthora nicotianae. blight1 Field hygiene
Appear as dark water soaked lesions on leaves. These later spread as infected tissues die. Young shoots also can be infected.
Polyram 150g/1001 14 days
Daconil 50g/201 7 days
Brown spot Alternaria passiflora brown-spot1 Thinning vines to promote air flow.
Attack leaves and fruits causing brown rings with dead spots .infection on leaves can extend to leaf axils and terms.
Effective  fungicides eg
Antracol 50g/20L 7 days
50g/20L 14 days
50g/20L 14 days
Woodiness virus .Is caused by a virus and symptoms include distortion of leaves and woodiness of fruits. Plants are stunted, yields are reduced and vines die. woodiness-virus1 Sterilization of pruning tools using Sodium hypochlorite (Jik) or Formaldehyde
Vector control
Elimination of weeds
Die back dieback1 Prune off infected branches and paste with copper based fungicides
Die backs may start at tip of branches or at the middle.
In its terminal phases, branches die back, bark and cortical dries up.