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Market Outlet:

Strawberries are sold in Supermarkets such as Tuskey, Uchumi, Nakumat, Naivas etc.

Hotels: Such as Serena, Norfolk, Safaripark, and all the tourist lodges countrywide are a good market.

Hospital: Such as Getrudes, Aga-khan; Nairobi, Karen hospital, Kijabe hospital etc

Green grocers: That buy strawberries are: Corner shop, Zuchini, City park, City market, Spring valley etc.

Food Processors: Such as Trufood, Zesta

Milk processors: e.g Limuru processor. Others such as Brookside, Fresha, KCC, etc are potential buyers since they import their strawberries due to lack of volumes and unreliability of supply.

Market prices:

250gms:- Kshs. 50 - 120

1kg:-  Kshs. 200 - 480

Value Addition:

The fruits are eaten fresh, or canned, processed into jams and juices, milk shake, yoghurt, cake decorations commercially used as a flavoring and in the cosmetic industry.

Used in face creams and face masks since it contains keratin. The fruits are eaten fresh, or canned, processed into jams and juices.

Commercially used as a flavoring and in the cosmetic industries.


Medicinal Value:

Strawberry has been recommended for gout, rheumatism, and liver complications, detoxification, fights cancer cell. Dried leaves are rich in calcium hence good for arthritis. Infuse leaves to make a mouth wash for gum infections and mouth ulcers and for fresh breath.

Dried leaves and roots - boiled in wine relieve diarrhea and dysentery, urinary tract infections and eases heavy periods.