Pests and Disease:

Disease Pictorial of damage Control measures Post harvest interval
Leaf spot: mcosphaerella fragariae

-Grey spots with purple margins appear on on leaves.

strawberry-diaseases Destroy crop residue after harvest, practice crop rotation, plant clean seed.

Spray with master,pearl

Master- 5

Pearl – 7

Verticillium wilt: veticillium dahhae

-Yellow and wilted leaves; stunted plant.

strawberry-diaseases1 Practice crop rotation and avoid areas where potatoes, tomatoes; egg plants have previously been grown.
Grey mould: Botritis cinerea

-Soft rot of fruits and grey mould on infected plants.

strawberry-diaseases2 Spray with cotaf and sulcop Cotaf – 7

Sulcop – 14

Black root rot: strawberry-diaseases3 Black root rot is favored by wet soils and soils low in organic matter. As a result, proper site selection and preparation are both important management tools for this disease complex.
Red spider mite: tetranynchus urticae

-Greyish brown mites found on lower surface of leaves

strawberry-diaseases8 Spray with Dicofol,Vipcomic.
Beetles: Epicauta spp

-Bores on fruits

strawberry-diaseases10 Decis,Tata alfa, Dimethoate,
Crown borer: Tyloderma fragariae

-Makes holes on the crown

strawberry-diaseases4 Dimethoate, tata alpha
Ants: Lasius niger

-Sucks moisture from the root zone and tip of the branches. The plant eventually dries due to lack of water and nutrients

strawberry-diaseases11 Mocap, bionematon Mocap – 1

Bionematon – 1

Leaf hoppers: typhlocyha pomaria

-Chews on the leaves

strawberry-diaseases5 Atom, tata umeme Atom – 1

Tata umeme – 3


-Eats the ripe berries thus lowering yields and quality.

strawberry-diaseases6 Use fish net
Slugs and snails: Arion ater

-Eat fruits thus lowering yields and quality

strawberry-diaseases9 Alcoholic bait