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These pictures were taken during the farmers field days events and Agricultural Society of Kenya Exhibitions in various parts of the country. NAFIS participated in all the occasion to sensitize farmers and other users on NAFIS services being an innovations to improve extension services through ICT.


Welcoming delegates on behalf of the organizers, Michael Hailu, Director of CTA, promised that the conference would not be an ordinary conference, with experts talking to one another and everyone else politely listening. He said “This week provides an excellent opportunity to create a coalition of different interests committed to improving the welfare and productivity of the world’s smallholder farmers”.

Extension and advisory services, he explained, have a key role to play in confronting the many challenges farmers face, from climate change to low productivity and rising food prices. He expressed the hope that the conference would identify practices and policies to improve the delivery and effectiveness and extension and advisory services.

The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Agriculture Kenya, Dr. Romano Kiome said that “Extension is a public good for which poor farmers cannot afford to pay”. The private sector can also help deliver the knowledge and technology needed to improve productivity and tackle food security. Participatory development of approaches and standards will ensure relevance, quality, effectiveness and impact.

It was widely agreed that one of the aims of extension should be to make farmers more business-oriented and less dependent on government services. Among other things, this means encouraging farmers to become involved in the higher end of the value chains. Farmers should be seen as business people. If farmers owned more of the value chain, they would be able to afford extension services.

Kenya’s Assistant Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Kareke Mbiuki, emphasized to the participants the importance of investing in agriculture, and especially agricultural extension. He said that when agriculture grows, our economy grows.

NAFIS being an innovation in improving extension services through use of ICT participated in the event and many participants acknowledged the need to expand extension outreach to farmers using ICT which is a fast moving sector in our economy.

These are some of the pictures of events during the conference at Hilton Hotel Nairobi Kenya; 15th-18th November 2011.


NALEP and KNLS are in partnership to support communities with information resources. The two partners are to provide information to communities for betterment of their livelihoods and this is being achieved through enhanced outreach with appropriate information through e and printed media.

Sustainable hosting of NAFIS web services and facilitating linkages along the Agricultural value chain for improved productivity and income.