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This involves the placement or hanging of hives in the selected site.

There are various hive hanging patterns depending on a number of factors such as topography, hive type, land size and presence of pests and predators  

Hive Hanging 

  • Hives are hung so as to offer a convenient working height and also to prevent pest and predator attack. Usually hives are suspended between two posts at least one metre above the ground. 
  • Entrances should face outwards and the posts should be fixed firmly to the ground to avoid sagging when the hive is heavy with honey.  
  • Well-treated posts should be used to prevent termite attack.


Kenya top bar hive hanging

Kenya top bar hive hanging

Hive placement

  • Hives can be placed on stands or platforms which are fixed firmly to the ground at a convenient working height of about 1 metre high.  
  • However this method is only suitable in areas which are not prone to bee pest and predators