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  • Propolis is a resinous dark brown sticky plant-derived “glue” collected by bees which they use for sealing, lining, strengthening, preserving and as a repellent material inside the hive and around the entrances.  
  • Propolis can be used as a safe non-toxic food supplement.  It can also be used to make grafting wax used by gardeners and crop growers to seal the union of plant tissue.
  • Main uses of propolis are on natural food supplements and herbal medicine. 
  • Ancient Egyptians used propolis for mummifying their dead kings and queens.  
  • Propolis is also used in veterinary practice in ointment for treating cuts, abscesses and wounds of animals.  It is also used for treating burns, external ulcers and eczema in humans.


Raw Propolis

Raw Propolis