Other Products

Bee bread:

  • This is the pollen collected by bees, preserved with honey and packed in cells of brood combs around the brood area to use when required by the bees.


  • Brood is the eggs and juvenile bees (larvae and pupae) from the worker, drone and queen castes in colonies.  Bee brood has good natural nutritional value.
  • Mature larvae have fat content of 3.7% and protein of 15.4%.  Vitamins A and D are in abundance.


Colonies of Bees:

  • A colony of bees consists of workers, drones, queen, honey and pollen in a box.  Trade in these colonies can be a source of income for beekeepers.

Package Bees:

  • Package bees consist of worker bees and queen housed in a gauze cage.  They are sold by weight.  They should be well-balanced in age from nurse bees to old bees and a young queen, so that they can establish a colony when placed on drawn combs.