Propolis is a sticky, gummy, resinous substance gathered by honeybees from the buds and bark of plants and trees.  

The bees use it for sealing, strengthening, lining and preserving material inside the hive and around it.

Physical Properties: 
  • Colour:  The colour ranges from yellowish green, to reddish to dark brown.  
  • Taste:  It is bitter in taste.
Chemical Composition:

Composition varies from sample to sample depending on the source.

Propolis comprises of 50-55% resin, 10-15% volatile/essential oils, 30% beeswax and 5% pollen.  Propolis also contains minerals, amino acids and bioflavonoid (biochemical responsible for the healing process).  Bioflavonoid are said to stimulate the white blood cells or lymphocytes, to produce interferon whose role is enhancing the body’s resistance to virus infections.