Fish Farm Planning:

Fish farm Planning

Planning a fish farm is an important step in the farming investment. You need to plan and design access roads, buildings, hatcheries, production ponds, etc.

The final size of a fish farm is determined by:

  • Amount of water available
  • The land available and usable for fish culture
  • The technology to be employed; Intensive systems require less land compared to semi intensive systems, to produce the same quantity of fish
  • The target production
  • Capital available for investment

The number, size and the shape of ponds will be determined by:

  • Land size
  • Topography of the land
  • Intended use of the pond
  • The species to be produced
  • Frequency of harvest
  • Target quantity per harvest
  • Whether juvenile production is intended etc.

For these reasons it is not always possible to give general recommendations on the sizes and shapes of earthen ponds. However, rectangular ponds are easier to manage.