Earth Pond Design and Construction:

Once the site has been identified, surveyed and the producer has made decision on the number and sizes of ponds that will be needed when the farm is fully operational, it is time to make decision on designs of the ponds.

The importance of proper designs, construction and the need for involvement of experts during the process of construction of fish ponds cannot be belittled.

Ideally, a good pond should be designed in such a way to allow total control of;

  • What gets in or out
  • When it gets in or out
  • How it does this
  • How much gets in or out
  • Rate of getting in or out

During the process of designing ponds, decisions on the following should be made:

  • Total area of the pond water surface needed
  • The length and the width of the pond water surface
  • The water depth and the total pond depth at both the deep and shallow ends
  • The slope of the dykes and the pond bottom
  • The size of the free board
  • The width of dykes



The diagram below gives the relationships between various pond dimensions for a 300m2 pond based on the assumptions that: