Sources of Fingerlings:

Some important sources of fingerlings include:

a) Government fish multiplication centers e.g.

i)        Sagana at Sagana in Kirinyaga County

ii)      Kiganjo trout centre in Nyeri County

iii)     Chwele fish farm at Chwele in Bungoma County

iv)   Wakhungu fish farm at Bumala in Busia County

v)     Kisii fish farm in Kisii town

b) Lake basin development authority fish farms e.g.

i)                    Kibos fish farm in Kisumu County

ii)                  LBDA Chwele fish farm Chwele in Bungoma County

iii)                 Yala fish farm in Siaya County

iv)               Alupe fish farm in Busia County

c)    Selected and certified fish farmers .(a list is to be found at Ministry of fisheries Development offices at County levels)

d)    Farmers can produce own fingerlings (They need to work with seed production experts for advice)

Transport of fingerlings and stocking:

Factors that affect live fish transportation include:

  • Distance and mode of transportation
  • Age, size and weight of fish,
  • Temperature of the water and nature of transport container.

Prior to fish transportation, fish require to be starved for two days to reduce water fouling while in transit. During transportation it might be necessary to change the water often and even aerate the water. It is also very important to maintain low temperatures during transportation.

When stocking fingerlings into a new pond, it is important to acclimatize the fingerlings first. This is done as follows:

a)    Placing the container with fingerlings into the pond and leaving it for about 15-20 minutes.

b)    Then allowing the pond water slowly into the container and allowing the young fish to swim out slowly