Livestock Registration:


Livestock Registration is done by The Kenya Livestock Breeders Organization (KLBO) through the Kenya Stud Book. The Kenya Livestock Breeders Organization (KLBO) is a farmer’s body formed under the auspices of the Agricultural Society of Kenya with a specialized function of promoting and coordinating livestock in Kenya. KLBO bring together representatives of the breed societies and representatives of relevant government bodies.  The KLBO serves as the secretariat of the breed societies and its operation is guided strongly by the various breed societies.

The KLBO has two organs to carry out its functions: Kenya Stud Book, the livestock registration center with a major objective of recording and maintaining accurate and authentic ancestral and identification information of animals and Dairy Recording Services of Kenya Charged with responsibility of milk recording. In both organs, a certificate of registration is issued once an animal has been registered together with a lactation certificate at end of lactation following proper milk recording.

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