Attributes of Guinea Fowl:

The following are some of the attributes,

  1. They are basically grazers but generally feed on a wide range of materials. They feed on grain, insects such as ticks and cricket, wide range of vegetables and kitchen leftovers.
  2. Have a higher productive life than domestic chicken of 4-5 years. This is about twice that of chicken.
  3. Amenability to flock management; These birds are fairly easy to manage in flocks.
  4. Though they share a number of diseases with poultry, they suffer less loses making them easier to rear them along side domestic poultry
  5. They are highly sensitive and extremely protective birds. They make high peached sound in case of intrusion making them good leaders in protecting domestic stock from strangers and predators.
  6. They are of great aesthetic value because of their attractive plumage.