Species of Guinea Fowl in Kenya;

There are several species of guinea found in Africa. However in Kenya the major species found are the following:

This is the most commonly domesticated guinea fowl in Kenya and a more economic type.

  1. Red wattle helmeted guinea fowl
  1. Blue wattle helmeted guinea fowl

This is occasionally domesticated and found in fewer numbers among farmers. However they are the most numerous in the wild. They are found in almost every ecological zone, from the coast to the shores of lake Victoria.

3. Vulturine or Bald headed guinea fowl

These are rarely domesticated and are found in the north eastern region with few being found in Kajiado, Taita Taveta and Garissa. The Vulturine guinea fowls are the largest amongst guinea fowls species.

It is important to remember in as far as there is potential in all the other types, the red wattle guinea fowl is the most farmed in Kenya.