Indigenous Chicken Production Systems:

Extensive systems:

o Housing is Rare for the indigenous chicken and if done, local materials are used for construction

o Flock size ranges from 1-50 birds

o There is minimal Vet services, with traditional treatment remedies being offered.

o Birds feed on scavenging resources supplementation is done occasionally.

o Time devoted to the birds is minimal.

o High mortality is experienced within the flocks.

o Hens have long broody periods, and there is no controlled breeding.

o There is no access to urban market

Semi-intensive systems;

o Birds have access to reliable energy supply

o Feeds include: scavenging resources and supplementation with commercial rations

o Breeds kept are both exotic and indigenous chickens and their crosses

o Poultry houses are of valuable qualities, built using conventional materials

o Breeding is controlled in this system, and the hens have Short broody periods.

o There is an access to urban markets

o There is frequently use of private veterinary service providers with Moderate mortality of the birds being experienced.

o Flock size range from 50-200 birds

Intensive systems;

o Chickens are kept in total confinement, in good quality houses built using conventional materials, requiring a high capital input.

o Chickens are offered commercial balanced rations leading to a reliable energy supply

o Flock size more than 200

o There is frequent use of private veterinary service providers, for vaccinations and treatment.

o System for commercial purposes

o Time devoted to the flock, by the farmer exceeds an hour.