Diseases, Parasites and Vices


During the first three months mortality rates can be as high as 30-40% and disease control measures should be put in place.

In semi intensive system of production, care should be taken to reduce vulnerability by;

  • Improved hygiene trough disinfection through use foot baths.
  • Control of human traffic.
  • Routine vaccination.
  • Observation and early treatment of diseases

However, even with control measure in place diseases may occur. The common ones being:



Ostrich Diseases


Ecto parasites. The main types include: Mites, Ticks, Large flies.


  • Spraying is done once a year using recommended acaricides.Frequent   spraying is not encouraged because of residual effects of the acaricides.

Endo Parasites. Tapeworms are prevalent in birds under semi intensive system of production.


  • Routine and regular deworming


Cannibalism and pecking


  • Provision of adequate nutrient supplementation
  • Treatment of injuries using antibiotic sprays.