French Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Family Name: Leguminosaceae

Other names Green Beans, Fine Beans or Snap Beans

French Beans are immature green pods of (Phaseoulus vulgaris)


French beans are the immature green pods of phaseolus vulgaris grown mainly for export in Kenya. However, local consumption of French Beans is growing gradually. Both large and smallholder farmers grow French beans. Due to high labour requirements it is recommended that it is grown on a small scale, possibly with staggered planting.  It is grown both for fresh consumption and processing. Canning and freezing are the main processing done on French Beans.

The peak export market demand is between October and May. They take 45 to 50 days to mature.

The information covered here include:

  1. Ecological Requirements.
  2. Varieties.
  3. Propagation
  4. Weed control
  5. Diseases
  6. Pests.
  7. Harvesting & Post Harvest
  8. Marketing & gross margins