Varieties & Ecological Requirements


The main varieties grown in Kenya are
Monei, Amy, Samantha, Teresa, Julia, Vernando, Bronco, Coby, Espadia, Bakara, Claudia, Tokai, Pekera, Super Monel, Morgan, Paulista, Cupvert, Gloria, Tonivert, Rexas.
The market requires freshy, straight, long, rounded in cross-section beans

Ecological Requirements

  • The optimum growing temperature range from 20-25°C. Beans have been grown in temperatures ranging between 14-32°C. Extreme temperatures result to poor flower development and poor pod set.
  • The optimum altitude range between 1,000 – 2,100m a.s.l. French beans mature faster in warmer areas.
  • For rain fed cultivation, well distributed medium to high rainfall (i.e. 900-1,200mm  p.a.) is required
  • Well drained loams to heavy clay soils, high in organic matter contents.
  • PH 6.5-7.5 but plants can tolerate up to pH 4.5
  • Crop rotations helps to control weeds, discourages diseases, protect soil from erosion, reduce insect populations, and rejuvenate soil organic matter a valuable source of nitrogen. Grass/maize- legumes recommended as it accumulates much organic matter. Should not be grown more than once, or twice at most on the same land without other crops being grown in rotation.
  • Seed rate: partly determined by variety but 30kg per acre planting rate of 1 kg per 100 ft of 36-inch row will result in seed  spacing of about 3 inches. Beans rows should be on the contours or at least parallel to the slope to reduce soil erosion.