Pests,Diseases and their Control:

(i)    Sanitation and hygiene;

– Clean and disinfect mushroom houses thoroughly before cultivation.

– Remove any waste, weed, mushroom debris and water containers inside and outside the mushroom houses that attract flies or on which flies can live.

– Exclude flies by use of mesh apertures not greater than 0.5-0.6mm on all inlets.  Keep doors closed, particularly during spawning and mycelium growth phase.

– Maintain insect free environment by burning mosquito coils

(ii)  Chemical control- use of chemicals is rare;

(iii)  Abnormalities in Fruiting Body;

Maintain required environmental conditions e.g. temperature, relative humidity, Co2 concentration and moisture content in the mushroom substrate.

Effects of high temperature and humidity;

Cap: stype ratio is small than normal

Cap Colour becomes lighter (grayish brownish) and depression in the center.